Why stop the trophy hunting? Maybe somebody is asking why we want to stop the trophy hunting. On this web you will olny find basic informations about what the trophy hunting (sport hunt) is. You will find more informations about the problem with the trophy hunting on a web of our foundation, www.SaveAfricanAnimals.org or somewhere else on the internet. Goal of this web is to join organisation with the same effort and subsequently get signatures for the petition that will be handed to the parliaments of separate EU countries but also will go the EU Parliament.

Shortly we will mention few things here why the trophy hunting is so useless, cruel, unethical and rude fun for certain groups of people.

  • You don´t need to have a shooting licence, you don´t even need to know how to shoot. Only thing that you need is to have money to pay. 
  • "Lions are partly disabled, when it is adviced to the hunters to shoot the shoulder-blade or the body so they don´t destroy the head for the trophy. 
  • Why the elephant without the tusks cost less then an elephant with the tusks? Is there less "sport" fun from him? 
  • The hunting farms are not willing to let the independent scientists to their land to check the lions populatin there in the area. 
  • "People" who kill for their fun have lots of excuses. They do it for the nature protection, local people also live from the "bloody" money is said etc. But they all tell lies, they try to excuse their behaviour. Because everybody who sees a bit behind all that knows who many excesses are going on in this business. Yes, for you who don´t beleive that it is a business full of blood, you should take off your "pink glasses" and enter the reality that is really very cruel. 
  • The animals are sometimes killed in very unethical circumstances. In principle they don´t have a chance against the very good armed hunters. On the top of it they are mostly attracted to a bait and killed from a hiding place.
  • The animals are shot even if they lying but even from back and  it is not guaranteed that the shooter will hit deathly vulnerable part of the animal body.
  • When hunting with the bow, more than 50% of the shoots goes past of the deathly vulnerable body parts.
  • Very rare animals that belong to the most endangered species are being killed. 
  • Especially in South Africa animals are breed in the farms as the chickens only because somebody who is not normal will come, shoot them and take a trophy home. 
  • Animals that are not naturaly feared from the humans are killed so we cannot even talk about a hunt. 
  • They are not killed because the hunter is hungry but they are only killed to satisfy somebody´s ego, enjoy yourself or rise self-confidence and show off to the same people how brave he/she is, he/she killed an elephant or a lion. 
  • Sometimes the animals are catched in wild and took to a farm where they say the animal was breed by people and then offered to the hunters to shoot. 
  • More than 90% of all amount that the hunter pay is kept by the people who set up such a business and only the small percentage goes for the animals protection. Just for an interest - for example a lion hunt can cost over a EUR 50,000. 
  • These hunters also say that it is their fun, their hobby but why should anybody pay live for somebodys fun? 
  • Why there is always a dead animal after their fun (sport)? 
  • Why do they kill the biggest and strongest animals that are most valuable for the nature? 
  • Why do they compete who will have the biggest trophy when as they said it is not about the trophy? 
  • Why do they kill the females, young males and even the young ones? 
  • Some ZOOs sell the spare animals to african farms where they are shot....


Very common argument of the hunters was also that the local comminities live from the money. But who knows the real problem of the hunts also know that the situation is completely different. You can clearly see on this picture how it looks like in reality.


Another argument of the hunters is also that the hunts brings more money than safari or photo safari. People who do the hunting safari also say very often that the country has an economic income from it. In the chart below you will see comparing of photo safari and hunting safari. The examples are from one hunting company and from a company that does the classic safari. It is for one season.

Sources: Africa Geographic. The chart is taken over and translated. You will find the original of this work here under the article in the attachement. It looks that they have one mistake in the chart but even if it is there, nothing will change - photo safari generates much higher income.


Photographic safariHunting safari
Length of season - All year Length of season - 6 months

Number of guests per season - 2,630

Number of guests per season - 30

Number of bed nights per season - 6,840 (50% occupancy of 38 beds at an average stay of 2-3 nights)

Number of bed nights per season - 420 (30 guests at an average stay of 14 nights)

Average revenue generated - $224 per bed night

Average revenue generated - $44,800 per safari

Total revenue generated per year - $1.55 million

Total revenue generated per season - $448,00

Revenue generated by Air Botswana - $631,000 (2,630 standard returns to Johannesburg)

Revenue generated by Air Botswana - $7,200
(30 standard returns to Johannesburg

Gratuities and curios - $420,800 (2,630 x $160

Gratuities and curios - $9,600 (30 x $320

Employment - 27,360 days per year (76 people for 12months)

Employment - 2,952 days per year (12 people for 6 months and 2 people for 12 months)

Staff wages - $174,400 per year (non-management averaging $6.40 a day

Staff wages - $14,170 per year (nonmanagement averaging $4.80 a day)