Hunting in Africa

We will show some videos about killing animals in Africa on this web. It is killed only for hunter ´s fun. Also rare animals, that are on the IUCN Red list, are being killed. Very usually you can more then $100,000 for killing almost of any animal that you have on mind. For example black rhino, white rhino, elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah etc. You even don´t have to know how to shoot neither have the hunting permit. It is an activity that is run by people who have problems with themselves and they only prove their “courage”. But what courage is needed for example for killing a “wild”animal in Africa is best seen on some of the videos.

Videos are shared (downloaded) from the internet, mostly from the web sites that offer killing to slightly retarded but sometimes to well known or rich people for big amounts of money. Normal human being cannot be able not half such an activity that you will see on those videos. Some videos are not in a very good quality. But you will see there the most important. The animals very often die under very horrible conditions. Told with the exaggeration we can say they were shot as in the “Battle of Verdun”. Damfools shoot one over another one, some run away from the place and the animals are exactly shot to bits and abused. You can make a picture about those people by yourself.

We don´t recommend watching these videos for the more sensitive people.



Killing a lion with more bow shots.


Unsuccessful leopard hunt.

Killing of a huge elephant male.


Another leopard attacked the hunter after his shot.


Already shot lion killed right in front of his killers.


Lion killed by the bow.


„Hunt“ of a jackal. On this video you can see and hear with which feeling, intelligency, sense for fair play these dements abound. Turds are laughing what they have done.


Another lion killed only for fun. He tried to walk away from his killers.


Elephant killing. Even the females are killed.


Killing a giraffe with the bow. Another very „brave“ hunter kills for his fun.


Hippo killed right in front of the „hunters“.


Beasts kill an elephant with few shots. This „hunter“ probably still have not learnt how to shoot.


Another elephant killing with more shots. „Hunter“ shoots as at Verdun.


Another giraffe killed by the poor thing in a human body.


Poor little thing killing a giraffe, this time it is from hoverplane with a special „apology“ comment. People are outrageous beasts.

Not even African people care about the animals. From some videos it is hard to tell if it is killing for food or poaching.