Here you can help to the animals that are killed for somebody´s fun by your signature. You will help to the animals increase their chance to survive in the future by signing the petition. The petition will be presented to parliaments of separate EU countries but will also be presented in EU Parliament.

We will propose a ban of the trophy hunting of the endangered animals, eventually a ban of trophy import of the endangered animals to EU, USA and another countries. It is not possilbe to silently watch how the in-groups causes a decrease of already endangered animals as it is for example happening to lions and another big cats.
There are scientists studies today that provide that the trophy hunting decrease the population of certain animal species.


Why should I sign just this petition?

It is a unique petition. Its goal is to join all organisations and individuals who mind such a useless killing of animals just for fun. What we know there is not such a petition.

There is many organisations all over the world that try to protect the animals but their effort is fragmented, uncoordinated so they miss the important aim. Very often some organisations don´t even want to cooperate in spite of they aim the same target. Also a single lion will not kill an elephant but when the whole pack of lions work together, they can be successful.

At this time it is necessary to join all forces, forget about the differences and focus on the same target. If we join all, we can save the rest of wild animals before the hunters and pochers do out of them.