African Wildlife
Beautiful African Wildlife

In Africa remains less than 20,000 lions.


You have just entered a web site Stop Trophy Hunting. Its goals is to introduce to the public with the lousy practics when endangered animals are legally killed only for somebodys fun.

These people don´t kill because they are hungry not even because they or their close people are threaten by the wild animals, they only kill to gratify their hunting appetite or to show off the trophy on their wall. These "hunters" as they like to say kill frequently and expose the trophies of dead animals in their houses. More rare animal, bigger value and also higher attraction for the hunter. But this killing has nothing in common with the classic hunt.

In this bloody business there are huge amounts of money rotating and thanks to it there is also a space for the bribes. Executives don´t solve this very serious problem as they usually go to hunt as well. There are very known people among the hunters - at random, George Bush, Trumps´ family etc. Unfortunately there are also very famous scientists and conservationists supporting the trophy huntig (Dr. Craig Packer etc.) but also big organisations that do the animal protection. You can find there WWF and also Panthere Foundation. Do you ask why they support killing? The answer is easy - in return the hunters support them financially.

When and where will the greed of humans end? Do we really have to destroy everything to finally realize we cannot live without it? Are we really the most stupid kind on the planet?

Some animal species are in critical situation because of many reasons and they face the extirpation. Though they are killed for the reasons mentioned above.

It is necessary to protect the animals against these killers as some species can very quickly vanish from the wild. Lion is a very sad example.

More detailed informations will not get among the public and because of that this web site was done. One of the main topic is the ban of the trophy hunting.

There is lots of organization all over the world that try to protect the animals but their efforts are fragmented, uncoordinated and they miss the important target. Very often some of them don´t want to cooperate though they care about the same thing. Single lion also cannot kill an elephant but if the whole pack joins, they can be successful.

This web is the voice of the innocent animals dying for a fun of a creature called a human and think that it is the most intelligent creature on this planet. Doesn´t matter if you are an individual, company or an organization, join us and help us to save the animals against the useless killing if you care about the animals destiny. The main goal of this web is to join people with the same interest from all over the word. We can do much more together then separate organizations.

At this moment it is necessary to join all powers, forget about the differences and aim the same goal. If we join all together, we can save the rest of the animals before the hunters and poachers have time to do out.